If this is your first time visting GA Airport Report, then perhaps you’re wondering what this blog is about and who it is for. But it might be easier to answer that question by explaining what it is not.

GA Airport Report is not a source of preflight planning information. There are many excellent sites that give plenty of detailed information about airports, FBO’s and services. We have provided links to some of them in case you are tempted to fly to one of our featured destinations.

Instead, we try and find fun, interesting reasons to fly; whether its for a great hamburger, a great aviation museum, or the airport itself is of historical interest. Sometimes we just need a reason to get in a plane and explore somewhere new. And for those pilots like us, who rent and need to return home the same day, the airport and not the city nearby becomes the destination.

If you fly, we hope to inspire you to fly somewhere new. If you don’t, we hope to create a travel site unlike any other. Come join us on our journey of discovery and adventure.